Weekly Post. Week 3.

Beyond the Text: Political Cartoon
Most people in class might not be surprised at my selection of “Beyond the Text” image this week. Out of the many political cartoons the internet offers, I found myself choosing this image because I can relate to this image in a number of ways; most obvious is that I come from an Inuit community in Canada. This very depiction seems to be our reality: the “government” injecting the ways of politics, idea of race and the reality of poverty which exists in many communities. Now, I know that I am still very new at studying Political Science in University, but this definitely looked familiar to me. This kind of thing has been happening for far too long, and eventually things will change. How so? Let’s talk about it.

Media Analysis:
A big story in the international world of politics includes an analysis on the politics in Russia. The headline in the Globe and Mail says “Analysis: With Putin as president, Russia’s experiment with democracy comes to an end.” Vladimir Putin served as Russia’s president from 2000 – 2008, and because of constraints in the constitution, sat down in the role of Prime Minister and now gearing up for becoming President again. Full story in the link below.

What is typically not making the headline news, is a personal story about 19 year old Sharif Ali, a Libyan descent whose home is now Surrey, B.C. The news from “the Tyee” covers the intriguing story about Ali’s journey to support the revolution in Libya on his own. He found his way into Libya by hitch-hiking and meeting people who’d helped him reach his destination along the way. The full story in the link below.

Research Discovery:
This week’s research quest involving “checking our political pulse” as Cynthia said in class. www.politicalcompass.org is a place to do just that. Anyone can go on that site, answer six sets of questions and figure out where they fit on the political spectrum measuring in two different scales: economic and social. Interestingly enough, I was placed  slightly off centre toward “left – libertarian” where my role models such as Nelson Mandela and Gandhi were placed not too far away.

Reflective Journal:
Class is well on its way to delivering the heavier assignments and readings involved with studies. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school, so this is a good feeling to be in the classroom again. It also was exciting to be participate in the land trip with Dr. Don Julien and meet an interesting Mi’kmaq elder named Elise Basque. She was the first ever Mi’kmaq teacher, and at the age of 94, still in good condition to converse and share her life experiences. I believe that learning extends far beyond the classroom and is not bounded by status and grades. This is why I enjoyed participation in the land trip. Thanks to Cynthia for making it happen for us who participated.

Question of the week:
On what grounds do all Canadians agree on something? Or is it in our nature not to agree, given the physical distances that separate us, and the distinct cultures in our multi-cultured society. It is something I think about most times.

That’s it for this week.
These little practices certainly broaden my horizon, each and every step of the journey. The days are flying right by, and I am certainly enjoy the learning experiences.



About Kerri

I am a tiny Inuk lady who chose to attend Acadia University for the academic year of 2011. This is a blog pertains to weekly assignments, particularly in the Introduction into Law, Politics and Government class.
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